Bed Texture Generator - Substance

Cem Tezcan
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This substance designer file creates various Bed textures by changing parameter values like stitch types, detailed weaving, textile patterns, wrinkle strength etc.

Pack includes:
- Source SBS files (created with Substance Designer 2018.1.0)

- SBSAR files for using the generator on Susbtance Painter and other softwares sthat support substance files. Or to export static texture maps from substance player.

- Sample Bed Model (in low and medium poly). Medium poly version can be used for mesh displacement by height map.

- Marmoset Viewer file (v3.03) to variate textures on bed model. Please check this video:

- Reference textile pattern images (floral, garland and paw)

Please note that Marmoset Viewer 3.03 doesn't read dropdown menu parameters of the substance file. So, I created a second copy of substance that has no dropdown menus for stitch types and other material options.

To change stitch types in Marmoset Viewer you need to change the integer parameters of the stitch types (like 1 for zigzag, 2 for square stitch etc.).

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Bed Texture Generator - Substance

0 ratings